Pricing - Filming


We charge $349 per game for our videography services, which include:

  • Elevated HD filming
  • Pre-marking of goals, shots, and set pieces
  • Uploading and processing
  • Hosting and delivery within our online application

Contact us about discounts that may be available for multiple games filmed on the same day at the same location.

Pricing - Accounts


There are two online Ballyhoo applications:

  1. Main App — The main desktop web app, where team members watch game videos and create/edit/share highlight moments, clips, and reels; and
  2. Live App — The live-marking mobile web app that lets you mark private, personal moments at the field as they happen.

Both of these applications require logging in with an email address of an active user account. The cost of most user accounts, at least at the Viewer level, is covered by the team’s account. See the details of team accounts and user accounts below.

Team Accounts

For members of your team (coaches, parents, and athletes) to use our applications, your team must have an active account. Team accounts cover a base number of user accounts and game-processing allowances. They are paid on a monthly subscription basis.

Cost (per month)$0$150$250$350
New Games (per month)Unlimited3610
Extra Game CostN/A$60$50$40
"Off-Season" (per month)$0$75$125$175
* A free Basic account is available only if Ballyhoo or a partner films the games. The others are available to any team, independent of Ballyhoo’s involvement in the filming.
Viewers, Editors

The number of covered user accounts of that type. (See below for full details of user account types.)

New Games Per Month

The number of new games each month that can be uploaded, processed, hosted, and delivered via the Ballyhoo app. Unused game allowances do not carry over.

Note that processed games don’t necessarily need to have been played in that month. Many teams have video of older games they like to make available to their families through the app.

Extra Game Cost

The cost for each game processed in a month over the “New Games Per Month” allowance.


Once your season is over and no more new games will be processed and delivered, your team members will still want to watch past games and create/edit clips and reels from those games. You can do this by shifting to “Off-Season” status.

User Accounts

There are two user account types:


Viewers can:

  • Watch all team games in the main app.
  • See all moments, clips, and reels shared with the team by the coach or other team members (including goals and set pieces marked with the live app during the game by the videographer or designated team representative).
  • Produce a limited number of clips and reels.

Editors can do everything Viewers can, plus:

  • Create as many moments, clips, and reels as they want — private or shared.
  • Use the live app to mark private moments as they occur during games, saving tons of time in working with those moments later in the main app, as they are already located.
  • Produce as many clips and reels as they want.
Annual Subscriptions

Each user account is enabled by an active subscription, paid on an annual basis for a full year of access.

The cost of most user accounts, at least at the Viewer level, is covered by the team’s account discussed above. However, if the team’s account doesn’t cover it, or it is no longer active, a user account or upgrade may be paid directly by the user as follows.

 Annual Cost
Viewer->Editor Upgrade$50