is For Sale!

After owning it for nearly a decade, we've finally decided to let go of our flagship domain.  If you are interested in acquiring it, please read through the following.

If you have a question that isn't addressed, you're welcome to send it to

You can buy the domain here.

The domain is being sold through Sedo, a well-established domain name marketplace. Critically, their professional services include safe and secure escrowed transfer of both the domain itself and the purchase funds.

First, it checks all the boxes of the highest-value domain names: A memorable English word in the .COM TLD with high branding and SEO potential.

Second, the most reliable domain appraisals (GoDaddy and Estibot) have been consistent over the years. (Although we noticed that Estibot
was down last time we checked. Hope that's temporary.)

Finally, anything less just isn't worth it to us. We'll just hang on to it.

1) Companies involved in marketing, advertising, and promotion -- or preparing to be.

Ballyhoo (noun): talk or writing designed to get people excited or interested in something; flamboyant, exaggerated, or sensational promotion or publicity.

The name perfectly reflects the energetic and eye-catching nature of these industries.

2) Companies that already have a name or domain that starts with "Ballyhoo".

We know there are a lot of them -- more than 465, per this good source. And we know first-hand the hassles it can cause your business when prospects and customers assume from your name that the way to get to you is at We frequently forward email mistakenly sent to a email address (when we know or can figure out the intended business) or let the sender know (when we don't/can't).

  • No, because of our inbound email routing procedures, we don't just automatically bounce them back as undeliverable.
  • It hasn't been that annoying. We've actually made many friendly Ballyhoo "family" connections around the globe! (You know who you are. 🙂)

So, we're well aware of how nice it is to be "the" Ballyhoo in the Internet universe.

No. We also own and will shift over to that, so we're staying in the Ballyhoo family!