Filming Process

Here's our process for ensuring that a Ballyhoo elevated video filming unit and trained crew are available for your game.



As early as possible, look at your team's schedule.

As a team, decide which games you'd like to have filmed.  (How you might do this just depends on your team's dynamics.  Some of you might do it by "committee," by polling all the parents.  Some of you might do it by "executive decision," as a coach or team parent with a good sense of what the team will want.)

However it works best, gather the details of your desired games (dates, times, locations).



For the games you'd like filmed, fill out a Video Filming Request form.

You'll receive an immediate email acknowledgement of your reservation request.

Later, after we've assured availability of your requested slot, we'll send you a reservation confirmation along with payment instructions.



Within 3 days of your request confirmation, submit payment at our secure online site.  (If payment isn't received by the 3rd day, your request will be cancelled and the filming resources made available to other teams.)

You'll receive immediate email acknowledgement of payment.

Your game will be locked in on our filming schedule.



Enjoy cheering on your child from the sideline, confident that the entire game is being captured in HD quality.

Not long after the game (usually within 24 hours), you'll receive email notification that your game is available in the Ballyhoo app.

At your leisure, watch and mark up the game inside the app.