Let Ballyhoo Sports help you shoot, edit, and
share your best moments with the world!

Our Services

We help athletes, coaches, and parents — especially in outdoor open-field sports like soccer and lacrosse — get high-quality video highlights of the players in action.

Elevated HD Video Filming

Struggling with the poor quality of ground-level video? Let Ballyhoo Sports film your games with our 18-foot tripod HD cameras. We deliver an ideal view of the field, nicely showing spacing and developing plays.

Easy Online Clipping and Sharing

Now you have quality game film, but how do you extract the moments that matter to you and share them with others? Ballyhoo Sports gives you an online viewing and editing experience that makes it easy for non-techies, using only their web browser, to convert full-game video into exciting, sharable, and personalized highlight clips and reels.

Our Users


Don’t waste your off-field life tediously watching video, scribbling down times for plays you’d like your team to watch, hoping they’ll be motivated and able to locate those sequences themselves. Save tons of everybody’s time — especially yours — by easily selecting and sharing your key teaching moments.


Don’t lose those memories! With no software or technical skills required, in a snap you can capture clips and assemble highlight reels to share with family and friends or simply to save for reliving those magical moments in years to come.


Determined to play in college? Recruiters need to see your skills, but they rarely can do so in person. Help them and yourself by sharing your carefully selected highlight reels directly with your target schools. Get on their radar and stay there!


Promote your club and and energize your followers with “plays of the week” clips and reels on your website and social media outlets. Delight your coaches and families with simple yet powerful ways to see and share your league action.

The Challenge

Ballyhoo Sports solves two problems with video of action in sports played on fields without elevated viewing points.

  1. Video shot from ground level is worthless, but equipment to film from an elevated point of view is very expensive.
  2. If you manage to get an elevated video shot, actually converting video to pull out coaching points or highlights for your family is a frustrating and time-consuming process even if you’re tech-savvy, and companies that provide these services are also very expensive.

The result: Not many quality video highlight clips and reels of open-field sports like soccer and lacrosse.

By combining elevated video with our innovative online viewing/editing software, Ballyhoo Sports makes those problems disappear!

Our Pricing

As we grow, we are exploring packages and prices that make the most sense for our customers. Currently we are offering clubs and teams a simple “startup” package in which we charge for our videography services at the discounted rate of $250 per game. Plus, all team players, parents, and coaches get access to our online viewing/editing/sharing platform for that game — for free!

Contact Us

Want to learn more? Interested in talking to us about how our services could help your club? We’d love to hear from you. Send us an email at Info@Ballyhoo.com, give us a call at 833-8-SPORTS (833-877-6787), or fill out the form below.